Education in Senegal

The Education System of Senegal provides compulsory and free education up till the ages of 16. However, the educational institutes, universities and schools are fewer and limited in comparison to the number of enrollments, limiting the educational population of the country.

The education system of Senegal is based on its French education system. The government is responsible to create education system at all levels and to fulfill the education requirements of every citizen. 
Pre-school education in Senegal is offered to children of age 3 to 5 years. The Senegalese children who attend pre-school are enrolled in induction courses at the age of six so as to begin basic primary school education. However, children who do not attend pre-school are required to wait till they turn 7 years to apply for primary schools.

The Primary School Education in Senegal is designed for children of age 7 to 12 years. At the age of 13 children move to Middle School which is composed of 4 years of study. To successfully pass middle school students must succeed on their BFEM (brevet de fin d’etudes moyennes).

The students who achieve BFEM can join General or Technical Secondary programme called lycee. The secondary study programs last three years and are officially approved by the French baccalaureate. The technical secondary education program culminates in the passing of the BEP (brevet d’etudes professionnelles) and the BT (brevet de technicien).
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